Building Storage Sheds: Reducing Overhead Construction Costs

If you are confident about your skills in terms of woodworking and construction projects which require wood, then it is possible to make one of those well-designed storage sheds which does not look like one huge wooden box with a door in your backyard.

It is just natural that one of the issues which most woodworkers and DIY-lovers think of is reducing the costs which will be accrued during the construction. If you are worried about spending too much money, here are some tips to ensure that you are well within your budget.

First of all, choose a design which is beautiful (if that is what you want), but is very simple at the same time. List down everything which may be needed for that project and make a realistic costing. Storage sheds which cost about $3,000 is cheap enough. But there are more ways in which you can lower that amount.

One of the ways in which you can really save a lot of money is if you go for storage shed designs which require wood rather than concrete or metal. Foundations of wooden sheds are lighter and easier to work on. Wood is also great even when you are planning to build in odd slopes or even over water.

Therefore, it is also less expensive. Imagine this: you would have to pay a thousand bucks just for someone to dig deep into the ground, make thick concrete posts and pour cement on the ground.

Go for OSB (oriented standard board) wood than really high priced and thick lumber for the side panels of your storage shed. There are several reasons why this is a better choice over the expensive type of wood and really cheap plywood.

First, it is pre-primed so you would not have to do so much to it except paint it with your favorite color. It is also structural already so sheathing is not necessary for this anymore. That can give you a total of nearly five hundred bucks in savings.

For the same reasons as above, use composite trim for the roof and wherever it may be needed.

Finally, try and work on everything by yourself. Sure, you may need help from family and friends (those you do not really have to pay) during the actual construction since it will take much longer if you literally do this on your own. But in terms of planning, costing, shopping and preparations, you will save so much cash if you work on this alone.


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